16 January 2008

South Beach Dinner #2: Medi

Our goal for our second night on South Beach was to just stroll up and down Ocean Drive and see what was available. We saw a lot of possibilities but finally settled on Medi.

As I described in my opening post about our South Beach vacation, on Sunday, Ocean Drive was closed off and the restaurants expanded into the middle of the street. Medi is the sidewalk café in front of the Strand Ocean Drive.

I also described how the cafés and restaurants have their hosts out on the sidewalk trying to induce customers to come in. We picked Medi because the menu looked good, the music playing in the background was a nice mix of rock (not techno), and they offered us a two-for-one drink special.

Well, my martini was $14 and Linda’s Miami Vice cocktail was $18. We each got two of them, but you can make your own judgment about whether it was really a half-price deal.

But if the drinks were over-priced, they still were good, and the food was very good.

I had a Cuban steak. (It wasn’t called that on the menu, but the server confirmed that’s what it was.) It was a very nice piece of flank steak topped with a chimichurri sauce. It was served with black beans and rice.

Linda had seafood ravioli. The fresh pasta ravioli were very flavorful and it was served with a rich cream sauce.

The food was very good, and the street-side table was great for watching the endless parade of revelers on Ocean Drive.


Anonymous said...

Cafe Medi RIPS PEOPLE OFF as a business practice! I was offered a 'mixed grill special' that turned out to be $65! plus drink 'special' that turned out to be $30! Lunch for two came to $160! Were were expecting maybe TOPS HALF THAT! They make prices what they want after your order if you don't ask first.

Anonymous said...

See this joint's "glowing" reviews at http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g34439-d1008204-Reviews-Cafe_Medi_at_The_Strand-Miami_Beach_Florida.html
All business there should CEASE IMMEIDATELY!

Anonymous said...

This place charged us 8 dollars for each coke and seltzer. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Had dinner at Cafe Medi last week. The food was good, if not somewhat overpriced, but for a tourist trap next to the ocean it was okay. It started raining and I went inside and sat at the bar to have a drink with a friend. One Johnny Walker Black on the rocks and a Corona was $24! Stay away from the bar.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't find anything tasty. Nor did I find the service to be acceptable. Price was high as expected but would have liked to say I got something for my money. Would pass on this place..

Anonymous said...

They should've just stuck a gun in our face and took $85 from us. Sorry but that is how I feel.
Beware of the Happy Hour.Ask the price prior to ordering the Drink special ($25 each).

Wendy Madsen said...

Terrible food and outrageous prices