02 June 2016

My favorite meal in Italy - Kasai, Praiano

We ate a lot of great food on our 26-day trip to Europe in April and May. But I do have a favorite. It was on the last day of our stay on the Amalfi Coast. The restaurant was Kasai. (They don't have a web site, just a Facebook page. Click here to view it.) It was located just a half block away from the hotel we were staying at in Praiano. Every night, as we trudged down the hill to the main square of Praiano to find a restaurant, we walked by Kasai. Every night, it was overflowing with customers with music pouring out the door. It looked appealing. So on our third night, as we returned to our hotel, we made a reservation for the following night. 

The headline says it. It was my favorite meal of our whole trip. 

When we arrived, our table wasn't ready yet. So we were served a glass of prosecco and some fried zucchini and eggplant, which we consumed outside overlooking the sea. (That was our only outdoor 'meal' because of the chilly weather.) 

When our table was ready, we got a cozy table by the window. The nightly special menu was tuna. It sounded so good to us that we both decided to get it. The first course was tuna tartare. The tuna was diced with apple and served with 3 dipping sauces - a peppery olive oil, soy sauce, and a thick sweet balsamic vinegar. Excellent. 

The second course was fusilli pasta with tomatoes and tuna. It was my favorite dish of the menu. The main course was seared tuna cut in square sticks coated in sesame seeds. 

I only had one complaint. I planned to get the local white wine like we had the night before at Vivaro. But our server commented that a red would go better with the tuna. It was good, but not as good as the white. 

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