17 March 2008

Another great dinner at Stella’s in Minneapolis

My daughter was in town last weekend. We went to Stella’s for dinner. I’ve written about Stella’s before so I don’t feel like I have to give you a lot of background about it. So this will be a short post about our meal … which was fantastic! It might have been the best we’ve had of our many visits to the restaurant.

All three of us had entrées from the Chef’s signature section of the menu.

I had pan-seared scallops on mango risotto. The scallops were moist and tender, cooked to perfection. The risotto had diced pieces of mango in it. The sweetness of the mango was a delicious compliment to the scallops. It was finished with a jalapeno cream which added a contrasting heat to the overall dish.

My daughter had char-grilled seafood kabob. This might have been the best bargain of the evening. If you click on the photo, you should see an enlarged view and if you look closely, you can get a sense for how much fish was on the skewer. There were two large chunks of tuna, two large chunks of salmon, and a couple of jumbo shrimp. Also on the skewer were peppers and onions; I honestly think the skewer was 24 inches long. As if that weren’t enough, it was all served on a side of garlic mashed potatoes. Yum!

My wife had parmesan-crusted halibut. The fish was cooked through like she likes it, but it wasn’t at all dry – just moist and flakey. The parmesan crust was very light and just added a salty, pungent accent to the delicate flavor of the fish.

The restaurant was crowded on Saturday night, and the noise level was formidable. But we had a very delightful server who gave us very reliable tips about the food. She was really great. You could tell she really likes working there, and she absolutely raved about how much she likes the food at Stella’s

So do we. You should give it a try.

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