27 January 2013

The story so far …

Oh dear. It’s been a whole month since my last post. Sorry, but a lot’s happened since then.

I still haven’t finished blogging about some of the restaurants my wife and I visited in October and November in northern California. I will still finish those posts. (Fortunately, I have fairly good notes so can write reliable reviews.) I really intended to do a lot of that during New Years weekend. But work consumed much of the time. You may recall that Congress struggled all weekend to try to prevent the fiscal cliff from disrupting the economy. There were some very significant ag provisions that were under consideration. So while I wasn’t in the office, I was connected the whole weekend in an effort (ultimately a vain effort) to get a new farm bill included in the fiscal cliff package.

So, not only did I fail to get my blog updated before the end of the year, I also failed to achieve the legislative outcome that I wanted. Sigh.

The next couple of posts after this will cover the California restaurants that I wanted to review. But in this post, I want to quickly cover our trip to DC for the Inauguration of President Obama for his second term.

My wife and I traveled to DC on Friday before Inauguration Day. I think it had been four years, since Obama’s first Inauguration, since Linda had been to DC. I had several places that I wanted her to try. I showed her the menus online, and she picked the ones that sounded most interesting.DSC00292

So on Friday night, we joined friends at Café du Parc. Here’s the link to my previous post on this delightful French restaurant (click here.) We have a particularly interesting experience there. After we were seated, the server brought bread to the table and made a flourish of serving a Land O’Lakes product with the bread. A few minutes later, the manager came to our table and pointed out that they had provided a Land O’Lakes product. I hadn’t identified my self when I made the reservation through Open Table. So I can only assume that they looked at my Open Table reviews, found the link to my blog, and discovered that I work for Land O’Lakes.

It was a brilliant gesture. There was just one small hitch. The product they served was Fresh Buttery Taste Spread, not real Land O’Lakes butter. It’s a decent product. But I honestly would have preferred real butter, no matter what brand, to the spread.

Then on Saturday, we went to Bibiana. I wrote late last year that I wanted to take Linda to one of the fantastic Italian restaurants that I’ve been to in DC and demonstrate to her the qualitative difference between those restaurants and the Italian restaurants that we have in Minnesota. Our MN Italian restaurants are good. But they don’t achieve the same level of quality and creativity as the DC restaurants. She picked Bibiana, and it met all of my expectations.

Then on Sunday we went with a group of other Land O’Lakes staff to Jose Andres Zaytinya. DSC00324

On Monday, after the public swearing-in ceremony, we attended the Ag Gala. It was very nice, as it has been in previous years.

So 2013 got off to an exciting start, and I got to share some of my favorite DC restaurants with my wife.

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