26 April 2008

Lunch at Rose’s Café, San Francisco

One of our favorite locales for shopping in San Francisco is on Union Street in Cow Hollow. We usually make a point of going there whenever we’re in The City. Not only are the Cow Hollow shops interesting and unique, but so are the restaurants. The ones we’ve eaten at tend to be very casual and relaxed.

We’ve actually tried to eat at Rose’s Café on several previous occasions. But it seems like it’s always been too busy. After all, if your purpose is serious shopping, you don’t want to waste a half hour waiting for a table to open.

The only thing different on this visit in early March was that we arrived toward the end of the lunch rush. It was still busy, mind you. But we didn’t have to actually wait to get a table. So finally, after walking by on past visits, we got to eat at Rose’s.

It’s easy to see why the place is so popular. The menu is very creative with lots of variety to suit whatever your mood. At lunch they’ve got a wide range of choices including salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and pastas.

We started with a carafe of wine. We selected a Barbera from the Renwood winery. We enjoyed it. There was enough in the carafe for us to sip while we waited for our food and still have some to enjoy with our meal.

I was intrigued by the description of their chicken tarragon sausage with polenta and spicy tomato sauce. I thought it was really tasty. The sausage and the tomato sauce had enough zing to spice up the polenta, which was served soft, like a thick porridge.

My wife was having a hard time deciding. She thought the chopped salad with gorgonzola vinaigrette sounded good. She also thought the roasted chicken sandwich with balsamic onions and herbs sounded too, except she didn’t want it as a sandwich. “No problem,” offered Geoff, our server. “Have the chicken on the salad. A lot of people do that.”

So that’s what she did. It was a great suggestion. (In fact, she said that the salad would have been a little plain without the chicken on it.)

So we had a great lunch, a relaxing interlude from shopping, and finally tried a restaurant that we’ve always wondered about.

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