19 April 2009

NYTimes food video …

I’ve been a fan of the New York Times food columnist, Mark Bittman’s ‘Minimalist’ videos. They are short, 3-5-minute, videos. They appear nearly every Wednesday in the Times’ food page, and I always make a point of watching them. I’ve even referenced them in previous Krik’s Picks posts.

The things I like about them are:

· They’re kinda quirky.

· Bittman has a funny sense of humor.

· The recipes he demonstrates have only a few ingredients and can be completed with a minimum of fuss, and if you believe Bittman’s own testimonial, great results. (Hence the name – Minimalist.)

In this Sunday’s NYTimes magazine, there’s an article on homemade pizza. But it’s not the Minimalist. The article is written by Sam Sifton and the video features Jill Santopietro, chef and recipe tester for The New York Times. It’s quirky. It’s funny. And it hit home with me because my wife and I often make homemade pizza on Sunday evenings. Pizzas and martinis are our Sunday night treats.

Since one of my New Years resolutions is to post at least one recipe a month on Krik’s Picks, and since I haven’t posted one yet in April, why not post a pizza recipe? Read on …

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