19 August 2012

Dinner at Eat Street Social Club, Minneapolis

My wife and I have a friend who says that you can get into any restaurant you want during the summer in Minneapolis. Her theory is that Minnesotans are so distracted by summer vacations and weekends at ‘The Cabin’ that you don’t really need reservations at a restaurant.

We weren’t so confident as to try totally without a reservation. But when we made quite last minute plans to see a movie and eat out on an August Saturday night, we were able to get a 7 p.m. table at Eat Street Social without any problem at all.

One thing we were confident about was the food. We’d eaten at the original Northeast Social Club with friends. We thought the menu offered lots of choices depending on mood and appetite. Based on things we’d read, we were confident that the new Eat Street Social would be equally as diverse.

We didn’t have any preconceived ideas about what to eat when we arrived. As we enjoyed our cocktails, my wife saw a server bring out the grilled sirloin. She thought it looked fabulous, so that’s what she ordered.

I, on the other hand, wanted to try a couple smaller plates. I ordered a watercress salad with duck confit, fennel, sweet spicy roasted peanuts, and mustard lemon vinaigrette. With it, I ordered a house made grilled beef sausage.

We both thought our food was excellent.

Eat Street Social earned a place on our list of reliable casual restaurants. We’re sure to be back.

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