21 September 2012

Blue Point, Wayzata, made this dinner special

My wife had a hard time deciding where to go for a special birthday dinner this year. We brainstormed a list. She hemmed and hawed and went back and forth between several favorites. Finally she called me with her decision – Blue Point in Wayzata. It turned out to be a great choice.

It seems like a lot of the hot new restaurants opening in the Twin Cities offer limited menus and small portions. There’s nothing wrong with that really, unless the limited menu is so limited that you can’t find something that you really want.

But it was a relief when we opened the familiar Blue Point menu and saw so many tempting choices that it was hard to decide what to order finally. And another advantage of choosing an old familiar restaurant is the confidence that your going to be served something that tastes good. I like experimenting and innovation with cooking. But you don’t always know if you’re going to actually like some of the unusual combinations being offered these days.BluePoint

Which is not to say that even an old standby like Blue Point is immune to glitches. My wife started out by ordering an apple, pear, and endive salad. She took one bite and called the server over. “Does this salad have cilantro,” she asked. The server said she was quite certain it did not, but she went to the kitchen to check. It turns out, the dressing had cilantro. But she quickly replaced the salad with a cup of clam chowder, that my wife liked very much.

For my starter, I ordered the tomato and feta salad. It was excellent. My wife’s entrée was pistachio crusted halibut. She enjoyed it very much, and the serving was ample enough that she had leftovers to bring home. I ordered grouper “en Pappillot.” I love how cooking the fish in a pouch results in a moist, succulent meal. It was excellent.

By relying on an old standby, my wife enjoyed a delicious, almost-hassle free birthday dinner. Blue Point remains on our list of special occasion restaurants.

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