18 September 2013

Delicious nostalgia served for lunch at Black Forest, Mpls.

When a friend/colleague (all right, my first boss) came for a visit in September, she chose an old favorite for a lunch – the Black Forest Inn. (Why do they call it an ‘Inn?’ I don’t know.)BlackForestMpls

My wife and I readily agreed, and we specified a table in the outdoor courtyard. Now, you can never depend on Minnesota weather. But this happened to be an absolutely gorgeous, beautiful day. The courtyard has a sun screen, but we enjoyed all the amenities of eating al fresco. (The internet says that the German for ‘al fresco’ is ‘Unter freiem Himmel’ or under an open (or free) heaven/sky.)

So first of all, the venue was perfect for a co-worker reunion. It was relaxed, warm, casual, with a judicious dose of nostalgia. While I like the food at Black Forest, it’s not on our list of restaurants that we regularly patronize. It’s good and unusual enough to be noteworthy.

I had the Alsatian lunch - Slices of potato, sauerkraut and smoked sausage. Delicious.

Sausage is a specialty at the Black Forest. My friend/former boss had the daily special of two sausages. Her husband had the bratwurst lunch.

Our little group did ask for some modifications of the menu. For example, my friend’s husband wanted red cabbage instead of sauerkraut with his bratwurst. They went along with that. My wife wanted fried cabbage with her lunch. At first they resisted. But the crowd was thin and the weather was so disarming that the server relented and let her substitute.

There’s a reason why the Black Forest has been around since 1965. It’s good. We’ll keep it on our list of reliable standbys and won’t wait so long before our next visit.

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