09 October 2013

Working lunch at Capital Grill, Mpls.

All right, so I’m retired. Every once in a while, my former colleagues find that they need to consult to get some background or perspective on a working matter. And I’m happy to oblige, as long as lunch is included.

So it was that I ended up at the Capital Grill in Minneapolis for a very pleasant business lunch. My colleague wanted to touch base on a few matters, and he also needed to check out the Capital Grill as a possible venue for a future business dinner. Suits me just fine. CapGrillLunch

I probably had lunch at the Capital Grille in DC more often than in Minneapolis. By and large, the chain is a good, reliable steakhouse and a nice place to have a lunch meeting. As I perused the menu, I was intrigued by the addition of a three-course lunch menu that I don’t recall seeing (at any location) in the past.

That’s what I opted for, as did my colleague.

Course 1: I started with a special soup, squash bisque with crab. Excellent.

Course 2: I was wavering between the luncheon steak or a lobster roll. If I had gone with the lobster roll, I probably would not have started with the crab soup. But the server offered me an item that was not on the menu yet – sirloin hash with an egg. That clinched it for me. I love hash.

Course 3: Green beans that were wonderfully sautéed and buttery.

At $18, this wasn’t a bargain lunch. But I liked the variety of offerings and the Capital Grille always does an excellent job with preparation and presentation.

If anyone wants to treat me to a business lunch, I’d happily return to Capital Grille.

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