22 December 2013

Union Fish Market addendum

I posted my review of Union Fish Market and realized that I neglected to mention one of the best parts of our meal. As you will read in the post below, my wife and I ordered the lightly grilled sea bass for our entrées. We both also ordered the lobster bisque with sweet potato as our starter.

Sometimes I worry a little that I’m sort of obnoxious when I pull out my camera to take a picture of my food at a restaurant. But oh how I wish that I had taken a picture of the presentation of the bisque. A movie, in fact, would have been better.

The servers set a bowl in front of each of us. In the bowl was the lobster meat and other bisque ingredients. Over the bowl was a lattice of what looked like spun sugar. I asked about it and was told that it wasn’t sugar but it did add just a touch of sweetness to the soup. Then they poured the hot soup over the lattice which dissolved into the bowl. So that was really cool.

The flavors of the bisque fully justified the dramatic presentation. The soup was a little thicker than most lobster bisques that I’ve ever had. The sweet potato provided an unusual complement to the generous chunks of tender lobster meat. I mentioned ‘other ingredients.’ The soup includes a small serving of smoked roe. I haven’t had roe very often, so at first I didn’t realize what I was eating. As I ate the bisque, I would see these hard little bubbles floating around. When I’d get one in a spoonful of soup, I would use my tongue to pop it and it would evaporate into an ephemeral, briny mist.

It was certainly the most unusual lobster bisque I’ve ever had. And also the most memorable … in a good way.

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