11 March 2015

KwikPick: Possibly the best restaurant on Capitol Hill = Bistro Bis

Before I retired, I came to think of Bistro Bis as my favorite DC restaurant. It has the ideal intersection of convenience, ambiance, good service, creative menu, consistently reliable meals. I’ve been there for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. They’re all great. I did post a review on this blog once before. But it was several years ago (2007) and a recent return visit refreshed my enthusiasm for the restaurant.

  • Food: 5 (Ok, a little hyperbole here. My rating scale says a “5” is so good it would make angels weep. I don’t know if I’ve ever actually tasted food that good. But this is really good.)
  • Service: 5
  • Ambiance: 5
  • Value: 5 Not to say that it’s inexpensive; it’s not. But it’s really worth it.

Since I retired, I don’t get to DC nearly as often as I did. Consequently, when I do travel there, I tend to want to try emerging new stars in the DC food scene rather than return to an old favorite. But when I met members of my old team and colleagues for lunch in early March, we went to Bistro Bis.

It thoroughly lived up to my memories of why I liked it so much.

I’ve always had good service at Bistro Bis. That means attentive without hovering, knowledgeable about the menu, good intuition about what a customer wants when asking for advice. The server we had on this most recent visit also had a sense of bravado and enthusiasm about the restaurant. He boldly asserted that Bistro Bis is the best restaurant on Capitol Hill. And I for one would not contradict him.

Recommendation: Definitely go if you’re on an expense account. Definitely go if you’re someone else’s guest. Definitely go to treat yourself, even if you’re on your own tab.

Click here for an explanation of my KwikPick rating scale.


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