20 June 2008

A new feature on Krik's Picks

Blogger has updated its features and I've decided to adopt one of the features for Krik's Picks. I've always had a list of Links in the sidebar. But now Blogger offers something called a Blog Roll. So now you can see what's new on some of my favorite blogs before you click to them. (Or maybe seeing the info will entice you to click to them.)

Anyway, I've also added the Bakers Banter Blog from King Arthur Flour. King Arthur Flour is a 5-generation family-owned company that now has converted to 100% employee ownership. Cool. I like perusing the company's periodic e-mail promotions, and occassionally I buy stuff from them. I first found them while I was looking for a specialty ingredient for my bagels. (Oops. I just realized I've never done a blog post about baking bagels. Watch for that in the near future.)

I don't buy a lot of stuff from them. Their prices are reasonable, but shipping usually makes it uneconomical unless you can't find the ingredient or equipment locally.

I've read the Bakers Banter often enough to decide that I like it and I can recommend it to my readers, especially if you enjoy baking. If nothing else, they've got great photos of the recipes that they promote. Take a look and let me know what you think.

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