18 June 2008

No tomatoes in DC?

Last week, I was in Washington, DC, for a meeting. A group of us went to the Capital Grille for a lunch event. I was heading home after the lunch ended.

We all were dairy folks. So several of us intended to order the Caprece salad. ‘No can do,’ our server informed us. Due to the salmonella scare, the restaurant had no fresh tomatoes … hence no Caprece.

Well, actually, being dairy folks, we mostly were interested in the mozzarella. It turns out that they did have some roasted tomatoes in the kitchen. So we asked if they would serve us a modified Caprece with roasted tomatoes instead of fresh. Oh, and by the way, throw on some roasted peppers, too.

They did it for us, and it turned out pretty well. The roasted tomatoes had a more intense flavor than fresh. But the mozzarella, basil, and olive oil blended nicely with the tomatoes and peppers.

Moral of the story? Never stand between dairy folks and their cheese!

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