18 August 2008

New feature: KwikPicks Restaurant Ratings

I’ve been doing Krik’s Picks for over two years now. If you happen to be a regular reader, you recognize that I am not the most frequent blogger. Earlier this summer, I went for six weeks without a new post. I went the whole month of July without posting anything. (Shameful, I know.)

I think the blog Chocolate & Zucchini does the best job of having regular posts that are pretty interesting to read. She posts two or three times per week. I very seldom achieve that frequency with Krik’s Picks.

Some of the other blogs that I read post daily or even multiple times in a day. I kind of envy the discipline that it takes to decide to just post a couple of paragraphs on something. The best example of that is the food columnist for the Sacramento Bee. It’s called Appetizers with Mike Dunne. However, even he doesn’t post every day.

The sad thing is, I’ve got notes on about a half dozen restaurants. So I’ve decided to develop a format to do quick reviews of restaurants. So even if I don’t take the time to write a whole post, I can still provide a quick summary of the different restaurants where I eat.

These KwikPick reviews will rate restaurants on four criteria. I decided to use a scale of 1-5 for each. Here’s what the ratings mean:

  • Food: 5 = So good it would make angels weep. 1 = So bad I couldn’t finish it. ((If I ever give a 0, it means it made my physically ill.)

  • Service: 5 = Friendly, attentive, unobtrusive, knowledgeable. 1 = Serve yourself.

  • Ambiance: 5 = So relaxing and comfortable I could live here. 1 = Couldn’t wait to leave.

  • Value: 5 = Worth every penny. 1 = They should have paid me.

I thought about giving either a cumulative rating or an overall rating but decided not to. However, I will have a section for comments and a recommendation..

I hope you find my KwikPick reviews to be helpful.

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