23 January 2010

Breakfast at Le Bon Cafe, DC

Once, I don't remember how long ago, I had an espresso at a sidewalk table outside of Le Bon Cafe. The cafe is right on Capitol Hill. So on my most recent trip to DC, when I had some time between meetings, I decided to walk over there for coffee and to read the paper. When I got inside, some of the breakfast food looked interesting. So instead of just coffee, I had a mid-morning breakfast.

You can click here to read my review of the food on Yelp. Some of the other reviewers were put off by unfriendly, or at least inattentive service. Didn't bother me. I didn't go in there to make a new BFF. Maybe I'm just a sucker for this kind of place. Quaint. Little. Maybe a little quirky. I liked the background music, and I got to sit in the front bay window.

So I would recommend it, and I'll probably go back again someday.

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