19 February 2011

Breakfast meetings at Good Day Café, Golden Valley, MN

Good Day Café has been open for while already. My wife has eaten there. Lots of our friends have eaten there. I hadn’t until earlier this month. Then, by a remarkable coincidence, I had two breakfast meetings there within the space of two weeks.GoodDayMenu

Good Day doesn’t have a web site. So my link is to Yelp. You can read my review of the food. I liked it.

It was pretty amazing how many people I saw there. It’s quite an array of people doing business and schmoozing. Based on my two breakfast visits, I’d suggest getting there early. For both of my visits, I got there just before 7:30 a.m. No wait either time. But by the time I left, there was quite a line-up of people waiting for tables.

For me, the gold standard for breakfast places in Minneapolis is Al’s in Dinkeytown. I’m somewhat prejudiced because my son used to work there. For me, Good Day isn’t as good as Al’s. But, it’s pretty good. Of the two breakfasts I had, my favorite was the corned beef hash. Great flavor, very nicely prepared. The other breakfast was a variation on eggs Benedict. Also very good, just not quite as memorable.

I like the ambiance at Good Day. The dining room is big and open and very casual. The service is fine. Not outstanding. But no complaints either. All in all, it was pretty good. I’d definitely agree to another breakfast meeting there.

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