20 March 2016

Hertz has become my first choice for car rental

I doubt that headline will cause anyone at Hertz HQ to do cartwheels. I only end up renting a car once or twice a year. But after another great experience with the company in March, I decided to write a blog post about it.

National used to be my preferred car rental agency. Before I retired, Land O'Lakes had a corporate agreement with National. I had an Emerald Club loyalty card through the company, and it was convenient to also use it for personal travel. I still have an Emerald Club membership. I just haven't used it since retiring in 2013.

My first experience with Hertz came in 2014 as my wife and I planned a trip to Italy. For some reason (I can't really remember why) I was dissatisfied with the choices available from National. So I decided to look around. Hertz had the best options available to me at the time, so I decided to book through them.

We had a great experience renting the car in Italy. In order to facilitate the rental, I installed the Hertz iPhone app. I have to tell you, it's really a slick app. (One of the funny little quirks about it - whenever I rent a car, even in the U.S., the confirmation page on the app is in Italian.)

Since then, I always check with Hertz first when planning travel. And since then, I haven't found any better deals for the rentals I needed.

This most recent experience in March is a good example. We flew in to Los Angeles on a Saturday morning. Our reservation was to pick up the car at the LAX Marriott. As a member of the Gold Plus loyalty program, when I checked in at the Hertz counter in the hotel, I was offered an upgrade. So my wife and I ended up driving a Mustang convertible around southern California for a week. We both agreed that it was a gas!

That kind of service truly exceeded our expectations. So thanks, Hertz. See the happy customer below.

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