06 January 2009

2 New Year’s resolutions

I have two food-related resolutions for 2009.

First, I want to learn how to eat slower. I’ve always gulped my food and it makes my wife crazy. If I don’t pay attention, I could easily be done with my meal before she’s even half done with hers. And by the way, I’ll have done it without uttering a word of conversation.

My strategy is to force myself to put my fork down after each bite. I suppose polite people do that anyway, but that’s not what I typically do. So if you’re having a meal with me and you’re annoyed by how fast I’m eating, you have my permission to remind me to put down my fork between bites.

My second resolution is to include more recipes on Krik’s Picks. It was my intention all along to do that. But I only ran one recipe in all of 2008, and that was in March. So my goal will be to run at least one recipe a month in 2009.

The next post includes my first recipe for the year.

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