31 January 2009

A group dinner at Pazzaluna, St. Paul

In January, a group of co-workers had a group dinner at Pazzaluna, an Italian restaurant in St. Paul. While we were eating, someone asked me if I was planning to do a blog post on the restaurant. I replied that I was not planning to. First of all, I was not the host. Second, I don’t think that a group dinner is the best way to judge a restaurant.

Truth is, the only times I’ve eaten at Pazzaluna have been group dinners. I’ve always kinda liked it.

Well, one thing lead to another, and I finally relented … sort of. The host said he was ok with doing a post on the dinner. So I said that I’d post comments from all the other diners at dinner. To add to the challenge, I imposed Twitter rules. Everyone had to hold their comments to no more than 140 characters.

So here are the comments submitted from the diners. (Some of them didn’t conform to the rules, so I edited them to make them fit.)

Judi: Salmon was gr8! Rite up there w/ what my son-in-law makes.

Luis: I thought I'd just try a bite of the Tiramisu... but one bite led to the other... ;)

LaDonna: Truth be told, salad was my favorite course – Balsamic, oranges, onions, pepper and salt. Kicked off our dinner with a tour de force!

Tara: The salad was also my favorite - the combo of citrus & vinegar provided a salty-sweet juxtaposition. I especially enjoyed the grated red onion & fresh sea salt!

Martha: I'm not much of a salad person, but the "ensalata nonna" was wonderful, it's on the regular menu - & I ate it, dressing & all. Can't go wrong with a tasty tiramisu either.

Well, not everyone bothered to submit a comment. But it was a fun evening. I’d recommend Pazzaluna for a group dinner.

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