14 January 2009

A new blog to recommend

I have a new blog to recommend. It's called Beef Daily Blog. Not a very creative name. Beef Daily is an e-newsletter that I receive, and this is its blog.

But don't be put off by the name. The writer is a college student named Amanda Nolz. She is the daughter of a South Dakota cattle rancher. She is a good writer. But what makes the blog compelling is her candid and honest depiction of issues affecting the beef industry - everything from the challenges of farming in frigid weather to vegetarianism to misperceptions about the nutritional value of beef to the satisfaction of working hard to produce a good food product.

Like me, Amanda has a resolution to include more recipes in her blog (see my Jan. 6 entry). Her first recipe is for beef and black bean chili. Click here to read it. And I encourage you to read Amanda's posts on her blog. It's worth it.

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